Tuner Cars: ART GTR 374 based on Mercedes CLS

German tuner ART has transformed the Mercedes CLS 350 into their own GTR 374. The ART has fitted the original CLS 350’s 3.5 liter V6 engine with an AK35 supercharger, giving it an extra 102 horsepower for a total of 374. The huge power enhancement can be heard through ART’s four anti-corrosion stainless steel 100mm double-walled tailpipes.

ART also gave the GTR 374 an aggressive look with DTM styling. The car is fitted with broader fenders with warm air outlet vents, widened side skirts, widened car doors and rear panels with air inlets. ART also added front spoiler bumper to increase down force along with a Lamella grill without the MB star. The back of the car also gets a new rear bumper along with a diffuser.

The GTR 374 rides on 20 inch ARTstar2 light-weight alloy wheels in NANO black satin matt finish. An even more individualized look is achieved by with “Bi-XENON-NERO” headlights with active bend lighting.

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Source: WorldCarFans

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