Toyota aims to sell 10.4 million cars by 2009

According to business daily Nikkei, Toyota is aiming to sell around 10.4 million vehicles worldwide by 2009. Toyota has been working hard to stay ahead of GM as the world’s largest auto maker.

The Japanese giant is flooding the market with its fuel-efficient Toyota Prius Hybrid, Toyota RAV4 crossover as well as the popular full-size pickup truck, the Tundra. Nikkei said that the 10.4 million target will include sales by subsidiaries Hino Motors and Daihatsu Motors.

“It is incrementally good news,”¬†auto analyst Christopher Richter, told Reuters. “They continue to win share in the U.S. market and that’s more than made up for what the direction of the market has taken of late,” he added.

If Toyota hits the 10.4 million mark, it will be the first auto maker to ever reach that milestone. Toyota sold more than 8.8 million cars in 2006, coming in just behind GM who sold 9.1 million.


Source: Reuters

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