Toyota says Prius already exceeds Japan’s 2015 fuel economy standards

Seems like Toyota will always be ahead of the game. As Japan toughens up the fuel economy standards and Toyota has announced that the Prius hybrid has already met these new 2015 fuel efficiency procedures.

Under Japans previous 10.15 mode test, the Toyota Prius manages a whopping 35.5 km/l (83.5mpg in the US). Of course, this was looked into by many who thought this was unrepresentative of what the Prius typically achieves.

Apparently, the 10.15 mode test favors gas-electric cars since hybrids run on the electric-only mode most of the time – thus leading to an outstanding fuel economy number.

The officials in Japan figured this out and decided to work up a tougher test called JCO8 which puts cars through tests such as high speeds, fast acceleration and a longer overall test drive.

Well under this new rule the Toyota Prius gets 29.6 km/l (63.3mpg US) which still exceeds the JCO8 standards. There is no stopping the Prius!


Source: WindingRoad

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