Hybrid sales on track for record-setting year, 65 hybrids by 2010

According to J.D. Power Associates, hybrid cars are on track for a record U.S. sales this year. So far, an estimated 187,000 hybrids were sold in the first half of 2007, which accounted for 2.3 percent of all new vehicles sales.

Even though sales are expected to slow down in the second half of 2007, J.D. Power Associates estimates an annual total sales of 345,000 hybrids for 2007, which is 35 percent increase over 2006.

Of course, the Toyota Prius holds its spot as the best-selling hybrid car, accounting for more than half of all hybrids sold in the first half of 2007. J.D. Power Associates is saying that there will be as many as 65 hybrid cars on the market by 2010. That would lead annual sales of hybrids to reach 775,000.


Source: The Detroit News

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