Official sketches: Audi TT Speedster gets green light

Last week our friends at CarMagazine received a couple of official sketches of some of the upcoming Audi models. Leaked straight out of Audi’s Ingolstadt design headquarters, we saw sketches of the upcoming Audi A1, Audi R8 Spider and the Audi A7. Today we bring you a new sketch of the upcoming Audi TT Speedster.

According to AutoBild, Audi has given the green light to the Audi TT Speedster, which will be closely based on the Audi TT Clubsport Quattro concept.

An A1 Speedster is also in the works. The A1 speedster will take significant elements of the Volkswagen Polo.

Official Sketch: Audi TT Speedster Gallery:




Source: AutoBild

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