Porsche Cayenne hybrid can do 70mph on the electric motor alone

When the 2009 Porsche Cayenne hybrid hits the markets, the new gasoline-electric powered SUV will be capable of cruising at speeds up to 70mph on the electric motor alone. Once the gasoline engine helps the car 70mph, the SUV will stop using gas and the electric motor will be used for power.

Porsche is working with Bosch and Audi to produce the gasoline-electric V8 engine which will have a fuel economy of 26.8mpg.

“If Porsche was going to do a hybrid, it makes sense to do it from a performance standpoint,” said company spokesman Tony Fouladpour.

The Porsche Cayenne hybrid is expected to be in the price range of the base Cayenne, starting at $44,000.


Source: CNNMoney

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