Hyundai reaches 5,000,000 milestone in the US

Last week, Hyundai reached a new milestone with the company selling over 5,000,000 vehicles in the US since it made its debut in 1986. Hyundai has been selling more cars recently in the US than ever before with 2006 sales adding up to 450,000 units.

Hyundai’s two best-selling models include the Sonata sedan and the Santa Fe SUV. Once struggling with a reputation of having bad quality vehicles in the early 1990s, Hyundai worked hard to get rid of the image by implementing a quality-improvement program set by Chairman Chung Mong-koo.

In 2006, Hyundai placed number 1 in a customer satisfaction survey for cars in its class, even leaving Toyota behind. The company has set a sales target of 550,000 for 2007.


Source: WorldCarFans

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