Ford’s US small cars, crossovers will be based on European versions

As CEO Alan Mulally pushes to at a common global design at Ford, more and more US cars will finally be based on European versions. Mainly small cars and crossovers will be more European with the vehicles being engineered largely in Europe but will be finished being built in North America.

So far, according to industry sources, Ford is planning on using its next-generation C1 platform to build replacements of the Focus and Escape.

The Escape replacement and a new Lincoln model are expected to be the second-generation version of the Kuga crossover, which will be unveiled at the Frankfur Auto Show. US will also see its own version of the C-Max crossover.

While the cars are still to get final approval, Ford is expected to launch the Focus and C-Max in 2011, while the Escape replacement and the Lincoln crossover are expected in 2012.

Can we please get the Ford Mondeo as well? Seriously!


Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)

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