Study: Wide use of plug-in hybrids could equal removing 82 million cars

A new study by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and the Natural Resources of Defense Council (NRDC) shows that plug-in hybrid electric cars can be a significant component of the national effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

One of the key findings that EPRI and NRDC discovered was that the widespread use of plug-in hybrids could reduce annual emissions of greenhouse gases from vehicles by more than 450 million metric tons by 2050. In English that is the same as removing 82 million passenger cars, or one-third of today”s light duty cars and trucks, from the road.

“Electricity is the only alternative transportation fuel with a national infrastructure already built and connected to every garage,” said John E. Bryson, CEO of Edison International. “With the support of the public, we believe someday millions of Americans will fill up their vehicles at the plug instead of the pump, saving money and improving the environment.”

If you’re wondering who John E. Bryson is and what Edison International does. The company has led the way in supporting development of electric transportation technologies for more than 20 years. The currently operate the nation”s largest private fleet of electric vehicles, logging more than 14 million miles. They also operate one of the nation”s most advanced battery and vehicle testing centers.


Source: TheAutoChannel

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