Lexus: Yes, there will be more hybrids in the Lexus lineup

The 2008 Lexus LS 600h is probably the most talked about hybrid car after the Toyota Prius. However, as Lexus hopes to increase annual sales by 100,000 or more, the Japanese auto maker will be increasing the number of hybrids in its lineup.

“Yes, there will be more hybrids in the Lexus lineup,” said James H. Colon, vice president for sales and dealer development at a meeting of auto reporters here.

Currently, Lexus offers three hybrids including the Lexus LS Hybrid, the Lexus GS Hybrid and the Lexus RX hybrid. Two upcoming hybrid models we’ve heard of so far include the dedicated hybrid-only Lexus and the rumored Lexus LF-A hybrid variant.

While the latter remains to be confirmed, the dedicated hybrid-only model has been already in development phase. According to Steve Settle, head of Lexus UK, it will be one of the brand”s least expensive hybrid when it arrives in 2009. The car is expected to be slightly roomier than the current IS lower-premium sedan.

Lexus expects to sell just 2,000 units of the Lexus LS 600h which will start at $104,765. Buyers can pay an additional An $12,570 for the executive seating package option.


Source: The Detroit News

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