VW is EU’s largest selling car maker for 2007

The latest stats of new car registrations for Europe are in and they show that Volkswagen is the largest selling auto maker for the first half of 2007.

As many as 846,887 new Volkswagens were registered across Europe during the first half of the year, followed by GM’s Opel registered 727,933 cars. Ford came in third with 702,161 new cars registered (with help from the new Mondeo), followed by Renault with 656,188 cars, Peugeot with 611,952, Fiat with 538,804 and Citroen with 514,848.

Mercedes-Benz ruled the premium market with 374,341 while Audi and BMW lagged behind with 353,227 and 352,480 new registrations respectively.

The biggest losers were Smart with a decline of 31.3 percent in registrations, Jaguar down 21 percent and Nissan down 13.3 per cent.


Source: AutoCar

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