Chrysler Imperial plans scrapped

Back in May we were super excited to learn that Chrysler would be putting the Chrysler Imperial Concept into production in 2010. Unfortunately news comes today from Detroit that Chrysler has just killed plans to produce the large luxury sedan.

CAW President, Buzz Hargrove, told the Detroit Free Press that Chrysler recently contacted him to tell him that production plans for the Imperial Concept have been scrapped due to pending legislation in the US Congress to increase fuel-efficiency standards.

“They”ve told us that the investment is not off for the new generation of the 300 series,” Hargrove said. “But it looks like they are dropping the Imperial because of the US”s more stringent requirements for fuel efficiency.”

A Chrysler spokesman confirmed the report and said that Imperial production is off and that rising fuel costs and expected efficiency standards are to blame for this sad news. “Frankly it would”ve been irresponsible to bring that car to market,” he added.

Come on Chrysler, why not do a hybrid or diesel thing. For now, excuse us while we go cry in the corner for a while.

Chrysler Imperial Concept Gallery:


Source: Detroit Free Press

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