BREAKING Spy Shots: Volkswagen’s four-door coupe

While WindingRoad is labeling the car pictured above as the next Volkswagen Phaeton Coupe, we are going to take a chance and say that it’s actually the Volkswagen four-door coupe, or the poor man’s Audi A5.

Why do we think that this is the large four-door coupe and not the next-generation Phaeton? Well, as previously reported, the Volkswagen Phaeton is going to get its first major overhaul in 2010 and is reported to lose some weight, becoming a bit smaller and a little more agile than its predecessor.

If you look closely at the image you’ll notice that the car is clearly not a coupe. The camouflage in the rear is covering the back doors and the car is clearly built on a longer-wheelbase, which conflicts with the reports of the Volkswagen Phaeton losing weight and becoming smaller.

With a length of the four-door coupe Volkswagen measuring nearly 4.90 meters, the car will most likely use the platform of the Audi A6.

The four-door coupe Volkswagen is said to make its debut at the 2008 Detroit Auto Show with sales to begin in May. No word on US debut. Who knows? Maybe the Phaeton will have many variants we’re not familiar with yet.

Click here for more information on Volkswagen’s upcoming four-door coupe. Head over to WindingRoad for the spy shots.


Source: WindingRoad

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