Hey Bob, What about the Chevy Triplets?

We really have to give Bob a lot of credit for getting on video and answering a lot of the questions the media and the consumers have been asking GM. In the latest video, Bob answers questions about the Chevrolet Triplets unveiled at the 2007 New York Auto Show.

First, Chevrolet Triplets are not currently planned for the US safety standards and may be offered sometime in US in the future. Second GM unvieled them at the 2007 NYIAS because they wanted us to know that they are a focusing on more than just the North American market. Third, GM will produce and sell more vehicles in 2007 outside the US.

Last but not least, don’t get upset about the Triplets not being offered in the US, they are just a part of GM’s way of getting more global reach.

Click through for Bob’s video and the images of the Triplets.




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Source: FastLane

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