Ford: We are not in negotiations with anyone about Volvo

If you woke up this morning to news of Ford considering selling Volvo, hold on a second. Yesterday, unnamed sources claimed that Ford had decided at a board meeting to sell Volvo, but the time of sale had not been decided. Well, Ford is now speaking out saying they are not in talks with anyone about taking Volvo off their hands.

According to Ford spokesman Tom Hoyt, Ford issued a statement denying that it is in talks with other automakers to sell the unit.

“To my knowledge, we are not in negotiations with anyone about the future of Volvo,” Hoyt said.

This is not the first time Ford has had to deny reports about selling Volvo. Previously, Hoyt had denied that it is in talks with BMW or any other company about selling Volvo. That statement came after reports surfacing for the second time in a month that BMW is seriously looking into buying Volvo.


Source: MSNBC

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