Ford Focus sales increase in June

You would think American consumers would be buying smaller and more fuel-efficient cars as gas prices are well above $3 a gallon. Well, while the rest of Detroit 3 is having trouble selling small cars, Ford’s Focus, which is due for a major overhaul this fall (pictured above), has been on a roll.

Sales of the Ford Focus are up 20 percent in June as compared to the same month last year. June sales accounted for 19,000 units followed by the Chevrolet Cobalt at 17,180. The Dodge Caliber sold 10,815 units, while the Chevrolet HHR sold 8,999.

Of course, while a fuel-economy of 37mpg helps, Ford has also put a $2,500 incentive to boost sales.


Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)

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