Cutting CO2 may ban Porsche, Ferrari and others

Powerful and fast cars, like the Porsche and Ferrari vehicles, may be banned within a few years in Europe because they produce too much carbon dioxide. According to Bloomberg, if the most extreme response to global warming becomes true, expensive sports cars may no longer be street legal and may be only limited to track driving.

In the US, the members of Congress are considering fuel-economy standards that will take a toll on the sizes of cars and the engines. Already in Europe Chris Davies, a British member of the European Parliament, is proposing on a prohibition on any car that goes faster than 101mph. Even the Honda Civic can exceed that speed limit. 

His proposed plan would go into effect in 2013, if passed. Davies told the Guardian newspaper that “cars designed to go at stupid speeds have to be built to withstand the effects of a crash at those speeds. They are heavier than necessary, less fuel-efficient and produce too many emissions.”

However according to critics in the auto industry, the governments need to be focused on other issues causing global warming rather than blaming CO2 emissions. “Automobiles always seem to be the focus, even though they only consume 15 percent or 20 percent of energy,” Csaba Csere, editor of Car & Driver magazine told Bloomberg.

It seems as if this debate isn’t only about cutting back on CO2 emissions to help our planet, but ban the size and speed of cars that the affluent drive.


Source: Bloomberg (via AutoBlog)

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