Gordon Murray unveils plans for new city car

Reported in June, the creator of the F1 supercar at McLaren has secured funding and has launched his own company on July 4th. Murray Design Limitied, being backed by Caparo group, will be designing and developing a highly efficient, radical car for mass production. Gordon has now announced the first details of his new car.

Being called the Type 25, Murray’s first creation will be a city car smaller than Smart and is expected to go into production within 3 years producing 100,000 units annually. The car is estimated to be priced around £5000.

While no technical specs are available as of yet, Murray said that the design will be along the lines of an MPV with up to 14 possible body variants. “You don”t sit normally in it, you don”t get in and out normally, and you don”t load luggage in the normal way,” he says.

Murray plans on keeping the car secret until a prototype is fully developed and until his company finds a big partner to manage full-scale production. While the first version of the car will carry a small petrol engine, diesel, electric and hybrid varints are possible.


Source: AutoCar

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