Ford sees plug-in hybrids in 5-10 years

Ford’s CEO Allan Mulally said on Monday that he expects Ford to sell plug-in hybrids in 5 to 10 years. When asked if that meant plug-in hybrids would be available on showroom floors, Mulally said, “Yes. Sure.”

“Within five to 10 years we will start to see this technology in our hands,” Mulally said at a press event to announce an alliance between Ford and utility Southern California Edison to test 20 rechargeable electric vehicles.

Of course, as with GM, Ford plug-in hybrids depend on the development and advancement of lithium ion batteries. While this was the first time Ford has ever released any time-range on for plug-in hybrids, Mulally refused to give an exact dates.

In December of last year, Ford”s new CEO, Alan Mullay met with Toyota”s Chairman, Fujio Cho, in order to discuss possibilities for the two companies to work together in moving forward in the hybrid and plug-in technology market.


Source: Reuters

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