Cadillac SRX getting an update in 2011

The Cadillac SRX has not seen a major update since its debuted in the 2004 model year. According to MotorTrend, the Cadillac SRX is up for a major overhaul in about 2011, but could be replaced altogether by a 5-passenger BMW X3-sized crossover.

Whatever the 2011 mid-size Cadillac SUV will share its architecture with the 2009 Saab 9-4 crossover and will compete with the BMW X3, Mercedes GLK and the Audi Q5. Design wise the vehicle will get sleeker Caddy elements as vertical lighting front and rear, sharp creases and sheer side surfaces and the Caddy style grille found on the new Escalade and CTS.

The car is expected to be powered by a 3.6 liter V6 in the US along with a diesel variant for the US. Of course, by that time, if recent word from GM is to be true, we will see a hybrid variant of every car in the Cadillac lineup; so expect one for this model as well.


Source: MotorTrend

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