Subaru Tribeca to spawn a Scion SUV?

As reported before, Scion is looking to add more models to its lineup. Ever since Scion was founded in 2003, it has stayed true to offering only three models. Well now Toyota is planning to use its influence in Subaru and may rebadge a Subaru Tribeca as Scion SUV to join the tC, xB and xA.

According Automotive News, a Japanese magazine shows a picture of a Scion “xTribeca” idea in its latest issue. A spy photo shows a Tribeca-like vehicle diguised for testing with a badge on the grille that resembles Scion’s.

Since 2005, Toyota has owned an 8.7 percent stake in Subaru”s parent company, Fuji Heavy Industries. Subaru”s CEO, Ikuo Mori, has admitted that without Toyota”s input, Subaru would probably not exist. It seems now that Subaru is open to be taken over by Toyota if such an action takes place.

Subaru”s CEO also said that if Toyota does plan on aquiring Subaru from Fuji Heavy Industries, don”t expect much than just another Toyota division like Scion.

Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)

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