Hey Bob, what’s up with all the concept cars that never enter production?

Visitors to GM’s FastLane Blog have speaking out and asking Bob Lutz a lot of questions. So they decided shoot video of a few minutes of Bob answering some of the questions visitors have been asking on FastLane recently.

Thank God the first question answered deals with all the concept cars GM is pumping out that never make into production. Bob talks about his hate for the Chevrolet Bel Air and his love for the Cadillac Sixteen concepts. Unfortunately we will not be seeing the Cadillac Sixteen anytime soon as GM focuses on building fuel-efficient cars. So that kills any reports on the V12 luxury sedan that have been popping up.

You can definetly see the frustration that Bob feels when everyone is bugging GM about their concept cars. Come on people, cut them some slack!

Click through for the video of our man Bob Lutz.

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