Kia to go sportier and get rear-wheel from Hyundai

This year at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Korean auto maker Kia will debut a concept that will go head-to-head with the Audi TT. Designed by, Peter Schreyer, the original designer of the TT for Audi, he plans to show Audi exactly what Kia is capable of.

Well now more information has surfaced claiming that the car could get rear-wheel-drive from Kia’s parent company, Hyundai, who is working on their own rear-wheel-drive coupe.

“Rear drive would make it easier to get great proportions to the design,” Schreyer told AutoCar, “but I wouldn”t want to make an expensive car. Any coupe should cost around £20,000.”

Kia is also working on a coupe-like SUV with dramatic styling. “We”re going to stop trying to appeal to everyone and move away from Hyundai with a sportier and more dramatic look,” said Schreyer.

Schreyer also hinted at a convertible Cee’d that is expected to hit hit the showrooms in late 2009, based on the Excee’d concept.


Source: AutoCar

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