Lexus dedicated hybrid model arriving in 2009

Lexus is working on a dedicated hybrid-only model that, according to Steve Settle who is the head of Lexus UK, will be one of Toyota luxury brand’s least expensive hybrid when it arrives in 2009. The Lexus hybrid-only model will be slightly roomier than the current IS lower-premium sedan.

“Hybrid is the brand-defining technology for Lexus,” Settle told Automotive News. Three of Lexus” main model lines include hybrid derivatives. Those cars account for more than 70 percent of the brand”s sales in the UK, Lexus” biggest market in Europe.

Settle did not say what platform the car will be built on or what it would be officially called. Pricing on the other hand is expected to be priced between the €30,000 IS and the €51,000 RX 400h hybrid premium SUV.

The car will be sold in Japan and Europe; there is no word about a launch in the US.

Source: Automotive news (Subscription Required)

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