Porsche’s CEO: Volkswagen will remain Volkswagen

At Porsche’s general staff meeting, Porsche CEO Wendelin Wiedeking expressed his views on the latest media frenzy around the Porsche – Volkswagen relationship. Implying that Porsche will not be taking over Volkswagen, he said Porsche will operate independently of Volkswagen’s decisions.

“Volkswagen will remain Volkswagen.” Wiedeking told Porsche employees. Pointing out differences between the two closely related companies, Wiedeking Volkswagen “plays in the chamionship league” but still has a long way to go to achieve its goals.

Wiedeking stated that Porsche will remain in Stuttgart. With respect to increase collaboration with Volkswagen he said “At present there are no further intentions. We continue to look at the market by ourselves and what is feasible.” He also said reaffirmed that “there will be no baby Cayenne.”

Porsche also increased its earnings forecast. Wiedeking said “it is not difficult to predict that our annual earnings … will be significantly — and I mean significantly — better than the 2.1 billion euros in the previous year.”


Source: Automobilwoche

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