Hyundai: The new RWD coupe will have V6, not V8

Automotive magazine WindingRoad had a chance to sit down with Hyundai’s VP John Karfcik and company communications man Miles Johnson. When they asked about the upcoming rear-wheel-drive coupe, Karfcik cleared up the rumors that the car will be powered by a V8 engine.

Karfick told WindingRoad that the RWD coupe will be powered by a V6 engine, but decline to comment on whether they will have a variant with turbo or superchargers. The coupe is said to be based on the RWD platform from the upcoming Hyundai Genesis. There is no word whether the car will carry the Tiburon name.

Karfick also said there maybe a separate front-wheel-drive for the US market that will look a lot like the Veloster concept shown at the Seoul Motor Show.


Source: WindingRoad

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