VW invites customers on an off-road Touareg adventure

Volkswagen of America has launched its Touareg Adventure, a three-day off-road driving course trip in Moab, Utah. Volkswagen hopes to show consumers what the Touareg is capable off-road and to promote the new Touareg set for release later this month.

Steve Keyes, Volkswagen brand communications director, said that Volkswagen hopes to target current and prospect customers to show them the Touareg’s off-road capabilities. Surprisingly people are buying up the sessions pretty fast.

“The first couple of sessions are sold out,” Keyes said, in a phone interview from Moab.¬† “It will run through the end of October at which time we’ll evaluate it. If we’re happy with the results we will extend it into year two, which is our inclination at this point anyway.”

Those who are interested can go to touaregadventure.com to register. The price per person is $2,000 which includes an advance welcome kit, resort lodging (for one), and meals.

Source: PRWeek (GermanCarBlog)

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