Ferrari to Vatican: Owning a Ferrari is not a sin

We’re sure you remember that early last week the Vatican issued its own behind the wheel rules in its 10 commandments of driving. Well one of the rules from the Vatican was “Thou shall not use cars as a means for outshining other people and arousing a feeling of envy.” Well the folks at Ferrari seem to disagree with the Pope.

Ferrari’s General Manager, Amedeo Felisa, told Reuters at the company’s 60th anniversary event that while some drivers could use the cars as status symbols, most people bought Ferraris for the love of driving.

“Unless having fun has become a sin, I don’t believe it (to be wrong). “I hope not — but you should commit at least one from time to time,” Amedeo Felisa told Reuters.

Ferrari cars are each worth more than 100,000 euros.


Source: Yahoo (via AutoBlog)

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