Clarkson on the new Ford Mondeo: It feels like a Volvo

Jeremey Clarkson loved the old Mondeo. He though it handled beautifully, was surprisingly fast, and was roomy and practical. He even thoght the car looked better BMW 3-series or a Mercedes C-class. In Jeremy’s words “Every single time I drove one I emerged from the experience thinking, ‘Why doesn”t everyone own one of these?’ It was just so simple. A perfect poached egg, on a perfect piece of toast.”

While he gives the new Ford Mondeo four stars and an overall good review, he was disappointed that Ford made no technological leaps, in terms of performance, with the car. He feels that the strapped for cash, Ford, just put the parts from the Ford S-Max and the upcoming Volvo V70 really well.

Jeremy loves the good looks, the solid feel and the larger size over its predecessor. However, Jeremy does think that the new Ford Mondeo is not as fun to drive as the old one. He feels that the model is more refined and comfortable. “It feels, unsurprisingly I suppose, like a Volvo.”

According to Jeremy “Ford has done a good job with this car ““ an outstanding job when you realise how strapped for cash it is.”

2008 Ford Mondeo Gallery:


Source: TimesOnline