Toyota OKs 1st non-Japanese board member

Toyota shareholders on Friday, gave the go-ahead for Jim Press, head of Toyota’s North American Operations, to become the first non-Japanese to join Toyota’s board of directors. Of course, the move comes after Toyota is climbing the charts in US sales and taking over GM’s number one spot.

Japan, which usually prides itself on its culture, has been iffey of foreigners in management and executive positions. Press, who admires Toyota”s Japanese cultural influence as a key factor of the automaker”s success, has been the perfect figure in the US for the manufacturer of the Camry sedan, Prius hybrid and Lexus luxury models.

Last year, Jim Press became the first non-Japanese president of Toyota in North America where his duties included overseeing sales and engineering divisions. Press joined Toyota in 1970 after leaving Ford.


Source: Detroit Free Press

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