Porsche’s CO2 plan: 30mpg hybrid Cayenne & hybrid Panamera

We reported in May that Porsche has confirmed that it will start offering gasoline-electric hybrid systems starting in 2009, with the Cayenne SUV being the first to go green. Well now, according to CarMagazine, the Panamera four-door-coupe will also get a gasoline-electric hybrid variant as well.

Brussels has announced that it would like the average new car’s emissions to total 130g/km of CO2 by 2012, and is now forcing auto makers to offer more fuel-efficient models in their lineup.

Porsche is already working to reduce emissions in its current lineup. For example, the new Cayenne’s CO2 emissions have been reduced by 15 percent with the introduction of direct injection in its gasoline engines. The technology will also make its way in all Porsche 911 models next year. That alone will cut carbon emissions by 20 percent across Porsche’s lineup.

Porsche is currently working on a hybrid powertrain with Bosch and Audi with plans to introduce a hybrid Cayenne that will use a gasoline-electric V8 engine. It is expected to have a fuel-economy of 30mpg. The Porsche Panamera, that is due out in 2009, will also have a hybrid variant in its early stages.

So why not diesels? Well diesels are against Porsche’s philosophy. “If the European Commission decides that every individual car maker must reach the 130g/km of carbon dioxide target, then Porsche will have to close its doors,” a company insider told CarMagazine this week.


Source: CarMagazine

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