Ferrari to go green with the FXX Millechili Concept

Updated: The Ferrari FXX Millechili outlines the future of every Ferrari model. While we won’t see Ferrari hybrids or electric cars, Ferrari’s lineup will get advanced turbocharged engines, weight reductions and biofuels are all in the works for Ferrari.

The Ferrari FXX Millechili is 1000kg concept car based on the Enzo. Ferrari said that if the Enzo weighed as much as the Millechili, its 650 horsepower engine would equal the performance of 800 horsepower while providing better fuel efficiency. Ferrari plans to reduce weight by 300kg all across its lineup.

Ferrari hopes to decrease CO2 emissions across the range from 400/kg to 250/kg

Earlier today…

You may have to stay with us today a bit, because we’ll be reporting more on Ferrari’s new concept. The Italian auto maker today is unveiling its first supercar that will cater to individuals who want a high-performance sports car that is a tree hugger.

Our friends at CarMagazine are at Maranello reporting on the event, where Ferrari is announcing a new program designed to make its whole lineup greener than before.

The concept, which looks like a shrunk Enzo, is called the FXX Millechili and shows Ferrari’s focus on going green without compromising performance. Stay tuned for the rest and pictures coming soon…

Source: CarMagazine

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