Chrysler promises new hybrids and diesels

Chrysler Group, which is now being acquired by Cerberus Capital Management in a $7.4 billion deal with Daimler, said today that it will introduce new hybrids and more diesle engines to improve the fuel-economy of its lineup.

“Chrysler Group is focused directly on improving fuel efficiency across our vehicle lineup,” product development chief Frank Klegon said in a statement. The Chrysler group is looking for new applications for the 3.0-liter six-cylinder diesel engine developed by Mercedes-Benz.

Klegon said that Chrysler will introduce a new mild-hybrid car that will be equipped with stat-stop technology currently found in BMWs. Chrysler will be teaming up with BMW and GM to share hybrid knowledge and technology.

Chrysler is investing $3 billion in new plants in Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana and Mexico which will produce a family of more fuel-efficient V6 engines and parts. The family of “Phoenix” engines, which will be available in 2010, will have improved fuel efficiency between 8 to 6 percent over the current engines.

Chrysler said that it will be reducing vehicle weight and improving aerodynamics in order to increase fuel-economy throughout its lineup by another 5 percent.


Source: Reuters

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