GM to increase Chevrolet’s volume in Germany

GM is hoping to catch three percent of German automotive market by adding between 50 to 60 dealerships in South Germany within the next two years.  In the next six to seven years, GM is hoping to sell more than 100,000 vehicles throughought Germany.

“In the coming two years we want to increase the number of the dealers from 300 to 350 or 360, and the number of the stand places of 450 to 600 in Germany”, Chevrolet’s Peter Sommer told Autmobilwoche.

Chevrolet cars, especially the Captiva, have pretty high-demand in Northern Germany but GM hopes to increase its popularity throughought. Chevrolet sold 23,132 units last year in Germany – more than Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Saab or Subaru, who have been in the German market longer.

Source: Automobilwoche

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