Ford Mondeo launch in Germany a huge success – 10,000 sold

This past weekend Ford launched the new and updated Ford Mondeo to the German market. According to Ford over 300,000 visitors poured into dealerships to check out the new Mondeo while 30,000 scheduled a test drive. 10,000 visitors ended up purchasing Ford’s new flagship.

“We probably unrolled the largest marketing campaign over the last year for the introduction of the new Mondeo. The interest was overwhelming this past weekend and the reactions of the visitors was throughout positive.” Jurgen Stackmann told Automobilwoche.

Stackmann said that since the new Mondeo offers outstanding premium quality for such a resonable price, it has the potential to easily conquer the market. We agree with you Stackmann, now let’s hope Ford is nice enough to bring it to the US.

2008 Ford Mondeo Gallery:


Source: Automobilewoche

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