Flick off Friday: To Ford for not giving us the Mondeo

After watching the Fifth Gear review of the new Ford Mondeo two days ago, we were even more infuriated with FoMoCo for not giving us the car hear in the US. The anger started when Ford dropped the Aston Martin line to make up for slow sales and a $12.7 billion loss in 2006, the worst financial results in its 103-year history. Now with Volvo, Land Rover and Jaguar on the table as well, we are definitely thinking that CEO Mulally is not fit to lead Ford.

Seriously, why is Ford so oblivious to bringing their successful European models to the US? If not oblivious, what the hell is taking them so long? Now we’re not some big time analysts that know how much it will cost Ford to import European models to the US, but it seems like a wise move seeing as the new Ford Mondeo is blowing up headlines worldwide.

So here is your chance to Flick off Ford for not giving us the amazing new Ford Mondeo and instead disappointing us with a new Ford Taurus that is simply a rebadged Ford Five Hundred. Cast your vote below.




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