Diesel Prius in the works? Toyota in talks with Isuzu on diesel engines

In an attempt to strengthen its lineup with diesel engines in Europe, Toyota said today that it is in talks with Isuzu on on development of diesel powertrains. Japanese newspaper Nikkei reported in today’s edition Toyota will be outsources diesel production to Isuzu, which is known to have quality diesel technology.

While details are yet to be confirmed, Isuzu is expected to open a plant in norther Japan where it will produce 200,000 low-emission diesel engines per year for Toyota cars that will be exported to Europe.

Toyota currently produces diesel variants of its car in Europe, but has stayed more focus on its succuessful hybrid technology development.

Isuzu said in a statement that it was in talks with Toyota on “all areas, including development and production” but nothing had been decided.

We’re guessing this development could put the Toyota Prius GT concept car, which ran on ultra-clean diesel, into production. The combined fuel economy on the Toyota Prius GT concept car is 56.5 mpg. While we doubt Toyota will produce a high-performance variant of the Prius based off this concept, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a diesel powered Prius with better fuel economy.

The Prius GT was unveiled at the 2004 Paris Motor Show.

Toyota Prius GT Gallery:


Source: Detroit Free Press

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