Hertz and Avis add Prius to rental fleet

With the high gas prices and car rental fees, traveling this summer may be too costly for some. Well you can stop worrying about your vacation budget because Hertz and Avis are both adding the Toyota Prius to their rental fleet around the country. The hybrid car is expected to appear later this month at Hertz and Avis locations nationwide.

Hertz will be adding a total of 3,400 Toyota Prius hybrids to its fleet by 2007 as a part of its “Green Collection” program. Avis, on the other hand, will be adding a total of 1,000 of the vehicles.

Pricing for the Prius at Hertz location will start at around $50 per weekend day, while Avis will rent it for $69.95 per day depending on location and time of year.

Source: CNN

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