20% of all cars to have stop-start by 2015

Dr Bernd Bohr, Chairman of automotive component company Bosch, has been recently speaking out against hybrids, saying that the technology isn’t as efficient as it’s made out to be. Bohr, on the other hand, believes that the star-stop technology, which Bosch developed for the new BMW 1-Series, is more efficient and is the start of a new generation of technology.

According to Bohr, the start-stop technology will become increasingly popular and will make up 20% of the market as soon as 2015. That means 1 in 5 cars in 2015, will have the fuel saving start-stop technology.

The start-stop function automatically switches the engine off when the vehicle is stationary and restarts when the driver hits the accelerator. The electronics help the car save fuel, and cut carbon dioxide emissions by up to 8%.

BMW announced last month that its MINI lineup will be getting the start-stop technology starting August at no extra cost to drivers. The Mercedes Group is also rumored to introduce the technology in its Smart ForTwo model in early 2008.


Source: WhatCar (via motorauthority)

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