Deport it – Import it: Can we have the 43 mpg Volkswagen Polo?

Japanese auto makers seem to have taken over the sub-compact market in the US. Toyota has the Yaris; Honda has the Fit; and Nissan has the Versa. So why aren’t German auto makers answering the call? We”re going to ask the largest German auto maker, Volkswagen, to step up to the challenge.

While we don’t have any Volkswagen models (we’d never give up the Golf) in the US that we would trade with the European market, we would definitely love the idea of seeing the Volkswagen Polo in US dealerships. We think the Volkswagen Polo would kick some serious Japanese ass in the US. Why?

Well, according to our recent research the Honda Fit gets a combined fuel economy of 33 mpg, while the Toyota Yaris and the Nissan Versa get 36 mpg and 32 mpg respectively. The Volkswagen Polo, on the other hand, gets an amazing 43 mpg (known as 33mpg urban / 51mpg extra urban in Europe).

So Volkswagen, it’s really a win-win situation here. You get to take over the sub-compact market with a fuel efficient car and we get a car that gets better mpg than the Honda Civic hybrid. Give it some thought. Throw in the Volkswagen Polo GTI to compete with the Yaris S and Versa S while you’re at it. Hey, if you really want a trade, we”d be willing to give the Europeans the weird looking Nissan Versa since you guys don’t have it.

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