Toyota Prius tops 1 million in sales

The Toyota Prius is like the Apple iPod of the automotive industry. First introduced 10 years ago, the Toyota Prius has topped 1 million in sales and is clearly the leader of hybrids. With sales totaling 1.047 million at the end of May, sales of the Toyota Prius have climbed from 18,000 in 1998 to 312,500 in 2006.

Due to high gas prices, demand for the 55mpg Toyota Prius increased tremendously. “Toyota is clearly ahead of the pack in hybrids,” said Tsuyoshi Mochimaru, auto analyst with Deutsche Securities in Tokyo.

While other auto makers are working hard to catch up to the Japanese company, Toyota is ahead with 10 years of experience in selling the technology.

Toyota also offers hybrid technology in its Camry and Highlander models. The company’s premium division, Lexus, has taken the upper-class market by storm with their new Lexus LS 600h hybrid car.


Source: msnbc

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