Nissan to introduce trio of sports cars

It seems Nissan has their work cut out for the remainder of this decade. The company is hard at work getting ready to introduce a new sports car model, redesigning an existing one, and reviving an old one.

Currently, Nissan is working out the kinks involved with putting its Urge Concept, shown at the 2006 Detroit Auto Show, into production. According to AutoCar the company’s UK arm will play a close roll in the development of the Urge. When produced, the Nissan Urge will compete with the upcoming Honda and Toyota sports car hybrids.

Also in the works is the next generation 350Z. Sources have told AutoCar that the next 350Z will be an evolution of the existing model, but styling will remain close to the current popular model.

Of course, let’s not forget about the much anticipated GT-R that is set to debut at the Tokyo Auto Show in October. The car is expected to arrive in the UK and US next year.

Nissan Urge Concept Gallery:



Source: AutoCar

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