Ocean’s 13: Brad Pitt rolls up hydrogen style

One of our favorite Hollywood series here at eGMCarTech, the third part of the Ocean’s┬áseries hits screens this Friday. Rusty, otherwise known as Brad Pitt, rolled up in a BMW Hydrogen 7 at the premiere of Ocean’s 13 at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre last night. No word if Angelina roller up with Brad in the car, but we wouldn’t dount since both are very much into humanitarian and environmental causes.

What better way to market one of the greatest creations in the automotive industry than to put it in the hands of one of the best actors in Hollywood.

Click through for the Ocean’s 13 Trailer and click here to check out more pictures from the premiere.

Brad Pitt with his BMW Hydrogen 7 at the Ocean’s 13 Premiere:

Ocean’s 13 Trailer:

Source: AutoblogGreen

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