Kia: New campaign to get rid of low-price image

We can just imagine a bunch of Kia executives sitting in a board room, patting each other on the back, saying “If Hyundai can do it, so can we.” It seems like these two Korean auto makers are just full of hopes and they don’t care if anyone is pointing a finger at them while rolling on the floor laughing. So while Hyundai is hoping to move its brand to the upper-class market with the Genesis, Kia seems to want to follow.

Kia’s new ad campaign makes an attempt to get rid of the low-price image, attempting to show that the company wants to be known for distinctive design, driving and safety features. According to Kia’s Vice President of Marketing, Ian Beavis, Kia has reached a tipping point.

“We are starting to attract better-educated, younger, more creditworthy buyers,” Beavis told Automotive News. “We are starting to get into an area where people have pride in the product.”

In order to target their new customer base, Kia’s new campaign “The Power to Surprise,” shows buyers that its a smart choice to buy a Kia and it will help you join the cool crowd. “Once people see like-minded people driving and having fun, it gives them permission to see Kia as a brand they can relate to,” says David Angelo, chairman of Kia’s ad agency, David and Goliath.

All jokes aside, Kia enjoyed a 7.5 percent increase in sales since the beginning of 2007, with 99,610 vehicles sold in the US.


Images from the new campaign that shows Kia vehicles play a game of “musical cars”:


Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)

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