BMW M10 – Z10 concept images: More on BMW’s Audi R8 competitor

According to a report last week, we all know that BMW is hard at work developing an Audi R8 competitor. While everyone is singing praises of the Audi R8 which, Jeremy Clarkson, says is better than its Lamborghini Gallardo brother, we’re wondering what BMW will come up with?

Well the folks over at are showing some Z10 concept images from an unknown source. The images are supposed to be an “idea” of what the Audi R8 fighter may look like.

The front-engine car is under development at BMW”s M headquarters and according to AutoZeitung, the car is expected to be called M10. We highly doubt it will be called the “˜M10″² or ‘Z10.’ BMW may just stick with the “˜Z9″² as reported before

The high-end BMW sports car is expected to be powered by a modified version of the V10 engine found in the M5 and M6 which will develop 550 horsepower.

While the car is expected to be the size of the 6-Series, it will be much lighter in order to increase performance and aerodynamics. BMW hopes to keep the weight below 1,400 kg with the use of carbon fiber, aluminum and magnesium.

The car is expected to be priced way below the $130,000 price tag of the Z8, which we expect will be in the ballpark of Audi R8″s $109,000 to $118,000.




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