Bertone working on a BMW-powered sports car for the US?

Seems like one tiny paragraph in an article by Automotive News made big news in the auto blogsphere today. Worried about Bertone’s future, Carrozzeria Betrone, chairman and CEO, appointed her youngest daughter, Barbara, as managing director.

However, no one really cares who is taking executive positions at Bertone. The only paragraph we all drooled over was that “the coachbuilder has told workers it hopes to save 300 jobs by producing about 300 to 400 units of a camper van based on an Iveco light commercial vehicle and a BMW-powered sports car for the US.”

Oh yes, that makes us happy. For those of you that care about Barbara, her main goal is to go out and get more business for Bertone. The company hasn’t done much besides put the finishing touches on 2,000 Mini Coopers since it built the Opel/Vauxhall Astra coupe 2005.