Nissan considers an Altima Convertible

Well it is summer time so we’re also considering a convertible. Anyway, according to InsideLine, Nissan is seriously considering on developing a Nissan Altima Convertible. The only question is whether or not a convertible Altima will be approved by the product planners. 

“We are studying a number of possible variants,” Sean Blankenship, senior manager of Nissan marketing, told InsideLine. Before deciding on another model variant for the current Altima lineup, the company was considering many possibilities including a station wagon before going the coupe route.

Now, with the Nissan Altima Coupe already out on the roads, the company is hoping that all it has to do is pry open the roof to apply the idea of a convertible. Since the coupe uses its own structure, besides the hood that it shares with the sedan variant, the engineering and design work are more than half way done for an Altima Convertible to become a reality.

If produced, the Altima Convertible would give Nissan strong ground to compete against the Toyota Solara and Chrysler’s Sebring.

Source: InsideLine

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