Report: Scion looking to add more models

Ever since Scion was founded in 2003, it has stayed true to offering only three models in its lineup. Scion originally came to life through Toyota’s Project Genesis after Toyota failed to appeal to young consumers in the United States. Having a main long-term goal of catering to Generation Y consumers, Scion insisted on offering three models to keep it simple.

But now, as sales are growing, Scion is looking to increase the number models in its line up. Steve Hagg, Scion’s corporate manager, told The Car Connection that Scion has “to expand a bit,” adding that “We have to offer more products, (though) we want to remain small.”

Hagg stated that with the fuel prices running up, fuel efficiency is something that Scion will seriously have to consider. We are guessing that Scion will probably use Toyota’s hybrid technology and add a hybrid model to its lineup.

Oh and we’d also like to see the Fuse Concept go into production.

Source: TCC

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