Audi A7 Convertible in the works

It seems like four-door coupes are a mandatory model for all German luxury auto makers. Mercedes started it all with its successful CLS; Porsche is putting the finishing touches on its Panamera; BMW is reported to be working on a four-door sports sedan based on the BMW CS Concept; and its no secret that Audi has been working on its own four-door coupe dubbed as the A7.

While Audi has remained pretty hush-hush on progress of the A7, the company is already reported to be planning another variant of the model. According to Auto Motor Sport, a convertible variant is being discussed for the Audi A7 as an answer to the Mercedes-Benz Ocean Drive Concept.

The report said that if the US market shows reasonable interest in such a model, the Audi A7 convertible may become a reality.

Source: Auto Motor Sport

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