Ferrari Enzo hit by bus, £300,000 in damages

A millionaire business man is suing a bus company claiming that the bus was being “driven too fast when it rounded a bend on the wrong side of the road and smashed into the £600,000 supercar.” Owner, Frank Mountain claims that the damages to his Ferrari Enzo cost him more than £300,000 in repairs. The £300,000 also includes compensation for loss of earnings, loss of use of the Ferrari and a dramatic drop in the car’s value.

Mountain, the first person in the UK to own a Ferrari Enzo, claims the bus rounded a corner “like a bat out of hell” before striking the Ferrari and pushing it into a Volkswagen Golf.

The crash left the Enzo with severe damage to its passenger side which were repaired at Ferrari’s Modena factory in Italy.

Source: DailyMail (via Jalopnik)

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